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If you and your physician have agreed that a surgical procedure is the next step to treating your back problem, you may have several options to consider. One of the latest medical innovations you may want to discuss with your surgeon is image guided surgery (IGS) with the 7D Surgical System.

What is Image Guided Surgery (IGS)?

Similar to what GPS has done for geographic navigation, IGS is like a GPS system for back surgery. Using sophisticated hardware and software, IGS combines images of your back taken before and during your surgery to create a surgical navigation map that helps guide your surgeon throughout your spinal procedure.

The 7D Surgical System is the first and only IGS system that delivers the benefits of image-guidance without using radiation during your surgery.

What are the Benefits of IGS with the 7D Surgical System?

May Limit Risks

Use of image guidance systems to guide the placement of the implant have been shown to reduce the risk for revision surgery.

Improves Accuracy

A computer with 3D images continuously tracks surgical tools and helps your surgeon navigate through delicate anatomy during your procedure.


Unlike other IGS systems, the 7D Surgical System uses only light during the procedure; intra-operative X-rays or CT scans are not needed for navigation. The exposure to x-rays during adolescence has been shown to double the risk of breast cancer in women.1

Streamlines Procedure

Your surgeon can focus on the procedure rather than the inconvenient and cumbersome steps many other IGS systems require.

The 7D Surgical System represents the latest in surgical navigation technology as it enables your surgeon to accurately navigate your spine. It provides greater confidence and accuracy by allowing your surgeon to visualize your anatomy in 3D and see the direct placement of surgical tools during your procedure.

IGS for back surgery is not yet available in every hospital. For more information, talk to your surgeon, and ask if IGS is right for you.

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