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A New Vision

7D Surgical is the first company to use Machine-Vision technology in surgery for spine and cranial procedures.

See What Surgeons Are Saying About Machine-Vision Technology

Fast, efficient, accurate, and radiation-free.

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Our Vision Is Machine-Vision

Proprietary Machine-Vision technology perfectly embedded into our FLASH™ Navigation System.


Visible light is projected onto the anatomy and a light pattern with nearly 1,000,000 data points is reflected from the anatomy’s surface.

machine-vision cameras

Software algorithms instantaneously recreate a 3D image reconstruction that is matched with a preoperative CT with the most optimal points and Machine-Vision cameras are constantly ‘looking’ for those data points.

tool tracking system

Embedded camera in integrated overhead light that recognizes tracked instruments in relation to surgical anatomy

Surgeon-controlled light handle

Sterile Light Handle offers complete control in surgical field

integrated surgical light head

Machine-vision technology is perfectly embedded into optimized surgical light as part of the platform, eliminating unnecessary equipment in operative field

How It Works

Proprietary Machine-Vision technology uses structured light during the automated registration process. Using only visible light, a 2D light pattern is projected onto the anatomy. The light pattern reflected from the anatomy's surface is then digitized using a point cloud with nearly 1,000,000 data points. The most optimal points are instantly selected and automatically matched with a pre-operative CT, creating the 3D image mapping for surgical navigation.

instant flash™ registration

3D image reconstruction in less than 30 seconds for a "navigation-on-demand" experience.

clear line of sight

Machine-vision technology is embedded into the overhead surgical light to eliminate all line-of-sight frustrations.

real-time accurate navigation

Fully reconstructed 3D image provides real-time accuracy at every individual level.

surgeon controlled

Foot pedal and sterile light handle offer complete surgeon control.
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A Look a 3D image Reconstruction

Spine 3d
Cranial 3d

Spine 3d Reconstruction

cranial 3d reconstruction

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