The IGS promise.


Rapid Registration with the 7D Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS) System

With 7D Surgical’s Proprietary Flash™ Registration, 7D Surgical System improves efficiency by reducing patient registration from 30 minutes to less than 20 seconds. Operated by using a surgeon controlled foot pedal and employing visible light in place of radiation, 7D Surgical’s registration allows for a rapid, streamlined process to reduce overall image guided surgery set-up time.

The 7D Surgical System: Image Guided Surgery to Empower Surgeons

The 7D Surgical System empowers both surgeons and patients by making image guided surgery fast, cost-effective and, most importantly, radiation-free.

Using completely new technology, our proprietary Flash™ Registration dramatically reduces the registration workflow time from 30 minutes with legacy systems to under 20 seconds.

The surgeon-focused design offers complete sterile system control and improves conditions for surgeons, staff and patients.

Empowering Surgeons with 7D Image Guided Surgery Benefits

With the 7D Surgical System for both spine and cranial navigation, surgeons are empowered with a cost-effective, rapid, radiation-free alternative to traditional IGS. Benefits of 7D Surgical System image guided surgery include:

  • Eliminates intra-operative radiation exposure to the surgeon, staff and patient;
  • Superior accuracy and image quality with a pre-operative CT;
  • Improved workflow efficiencies;
  • 20-second patient registration (reduced from 30 minutes for traditional IGS);
  • Cost-effective and flexible surgical options.
2 surgeons wearing white masks

Radiation-Free Image Guided Surgery for Spine Navigation

The 7D Surgical System has been created to make traditional image guided surgery faster, more cost-effective and radiation-free.

As the first and only Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS) system to operate without radiation, 7D Surgical System creates a safer surgical experience for surgeons, staff and patients without sacrificing effectiveness or accuracy.

Learn more about Lifetime Occupational Radiation Limit for physicians on our Spine Navigation page.

Image Guided Surgery for Cranial Navigation

7D Surgical is bringing the same fast, cost-effective and accurate light-based technology to cranial surgery.

With 7D surgical designed cranial tools and software, neurosurgeons will be given improved control and confidence over these delicate procedures.

Zachary Tan, M.D.

Hampton Roads Orthopaedics Spine & Sports Medicine

Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS) is a game-changer because it offers extremely accurate, efficient, real-time navigation with limited open exposure and no additional radiation. It is very easy to use with a negligible learning curve. It serves as an invaluable and indispensable technology for all limited midline instrumentation cases.

Adair Prall, M.D.

Neurosurgeon, NeurosurgeryOne

The 7D navigation system puts us right where we want to be in the outpatient environment – fast, accurate, safe and cost-effective. This technology is the future of spine surgery.

Tung Nguyen, M.D.

Southern New Hampshire Health

Having used traditional surgical navigation systems (Medtronic, Brainlab), the 7D Surgical System is by far a superior platform. I have experienced improvement in surgical case duration, while improving staff and patient safety through significant reduction of total fluoroscopy time in my operating room.

Frank Cammisa M.D.

Chief Emeritus of Spine Service, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City

Finally, someone has applied innovative technology to solve the workflow and radiation concerns of traditional spinal image guidance. 7D Surgical’s Machine Vision IGS system is the solution for surgeons looking to integrate an easy to use, accurate and cost-effective spinal image guidance system into a busy practice.

David VanSickle, M.D.

Neurosurgeon, NeurosurgeryOne

We’re excited to be the first to have the new 7D Surgical navigation system in the western United States. We feel this technology offers groundbreaking workflow efficiency to optimize patient outcomes and patient safety.

Ernie Robles Administrator at USPI

South Denver Surgery Center

We have found the 7D technology to be a great fit for our ASC space with its price point being more favorable than traditional navigation systems and by shifting control of the unit from specialized technologists to the surgeon. Its light-based technology reduces radiation exposure in the OR and patient registration is much quicker than traditional systems.

The 7D Surgical System Live Demonstration

Request a demonstration of the 7D MvIGS system to experience fast, cost effective and radiation-free technology for yourself. Use our simple form to request and schedule a presentation of our latest technology.

Improved Visibility and Precision

The 7D Surgical System provides real-time positioning of surgical tools in relation to the patient’s anatomy for superior accuracy.

Precise sizing of screws is also simplified with the addition of measurement markers directly on the screen, which also reduces planning time before and during image guided surgery.

A surgeon is looking at the monitor projected by 7DSurgical's Image Guided Surgery System

Empowering Patients with Improved Technology for Spine Surgery

The 7D Surgical System gives spinal surgery patients improved options over traditional radiation based IGS. 7D Surgical employs modern machine-vision technology and eliminates the need for x-rays and CT scans during surgery which increases safety while improving accuracy and confidence.

Image Guided Surgery and Benefits to Patients

Image guided surgery uses images of a patient’s back to guide a surgeon’s placement of implants during surgery. Taken before and during the procedure, these images increase precision and safety over traditional surgery methods.

The 7D Surgical System builds upon the benefits of IGS by eliminating unecesssary intra-operative radiation from the process, instead, using visible light to guide and illuminate.

The use of an IGS system like 7D Surgical System, can improve accuracy and reduce the chances that revision surgeries will be required, providing peace of mind and decreasing time and costs associated with surgery.

Additionally, 7D Surgical’s streamlined workflow and ease of use allows surgeons to focus on the patient, not the equipment in the OR, further reducing the chances of error.

Scheduling Your Image Guided Surgery

7D Surgical is committed to making machine-vision IGS (MvIGS) solutions available to patients across the world. When researching your surgery, it is important to note that not all spine surgeons utilize image guidance, and IGS is not available in all hospitals.

To find a hospital with MvIGS technology, we encourage patients to contact us.

Are you a Patient? With New Back Surgery Options, the Future is Bright

Image guided surgery with the 7D Surgical System helps your surgeon navigate through delicate anatomy without using radiation during your procedure.