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cranial navigation

An Illuminating Approach to Cranial Surgery

7D Surgical has developed the first and only FLASH Navigation System featuring Machine-Vision technology. The system solves the clinical frustrations and challenges of traditional navigation systems, allowing surgeons to perform fast, efficient, accurate, and contactless cranial surgery.
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7D System with cranial surgical screen
registration in under 30 seconds

Thousands of Virtual Fiducials in a FLASH™

The FLASH™ Navigation System is the first and only Machine-Vision platform that delivers on the promise of image guided navigation. Unlike traditional image guided navigation systems that rely on time-consuming registration devices or laborious point matching techniques, FLASH™ Navigation uses only visible light for nearly instantaneous cranial registration.
7D Surgical has integrated the power of Machine-Vision technology into cranial surgery. The result is near-instant, effortless registration using the patient’s own anatomy as virtual fiducials.
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cranial registration in seconds

With a single FLASH™, and in less than 30 seconds, 1,000,000 points are digitized using 7D’s advanced cranial software algorithms.

completely eliminates sponge fiducials

With the accuracy of true contactless registration, the FLASH Navigation System utilizes visible light to register directly to the skin or skull surface, eliminating the need for sponge fiducials and enabling accurate post-fossa registration.

machine-vision technology

The Machine-Vision technology is embedded in an onboard overhead surgical light, which eliminates line of sight frustrations in the operating room. The overhead light, in combination with the foot pedal control of the software, puts the surgeon in total control from start to finish.
skin registration

Contactless flash™ registration to the skin

In a Flash™, a constellation of 1,000,000 virtual fiducials are captured automatically. It’s totally contactless registration.
7D’s dual-plane reference array allows for seamless transition between facial and posterior fossa registrations.
Move beyond sponge fiducials – 7D’s virtual fiducials use the patient’s own anatomy for extremely accurate Flash™ Registrations.
skull registration

Contactless flash™ registration to the skull

Machine-Vision enables accurate posterior fossa registration by Flashing directly to the skull.
Effortlessly navigate any region by Flashing directly to the area of interest.
Because this is completely contactless registration, the entire workflow is sterile.
linked registrations

linked registrations

7D’s instantaneous linked registration technology removes the need for inefficient and time-consuming image fusion.
Advanced technology enables navigation with layered CT and MRI datasets registered directly to the patient in real-time.
Eliminate the error associated with traditional image fusion by registering directly to the patient in just seconds.
7d surgical tools

Cranial Registration Instruments

Reference Array

Rigidly fixed, multiplanar reference array that stores multiple registrations and increases tracking range.

Universal Pointer

Light, ergonomic pointer that is tracked and used to identify locations on the patient’s skull or skin.

Biopsy Guide & Needle

Tracked Guide used to track the trajectory of a biopsy needle. The biopsy needle is a beveled navigated stylet used to penetrate lesions and collect soft tissue samples.
Cranial Instruments 7D Surgical

Cranial Instrumentation

Comprehensive cranial instrument portfolio including navigated needle biopsy system.
the promise, delivered.

Cranial Navigation Redefined

Workflow Efficiency
Accurate Procedures
Contactless Registration

Workflow Efficiency

near-instant 3d registration

FLASH™ Registration in less than 30 seconds, forming a “Navigation-on-Demand” experience.

Effortless Navigation

Easily navigate to any region by flashing directly to area of interest.

optimized workflow

No altering or disrupting intraoperative surgical workflows.


Complete control throughout surgery with the foot pedal & sterile light handle.

no line-of-sight challenges

Machine-vision technology is embedded directly overhead in the surgical light.

reduced navigation time

Study showed registration time was more than twice as fast as other cranial systems.

accurate procedures

Anatomical Accuracy

Acquire extremely accurate registrations utilizing the patient's own anatomy.

Real Time Navigation

Generates real-time correlation between surgical tool trajectories utilizing MRI and CT datasets.


3D image guidance with nearly 1,000,000 data points to provide additional information for informed decision making.

DUal Plane Registration 

Multiplanar registration array allows  for increased tracking range and seamless transitions.


Reduce Operative Time

Save operative time with quick registration and re-registration without having to break the sterile field.

Portable Platform

Single, mobile platform for ease of use in operating room and maneuvering around hospital.

Small Footprint

Machine-Vision cameras embedded in overhead light, optimizing footprint and requiring minimal space in operating room.

Cross Specialty

Platform designed for use in multiple surgical specialties.

Contactless Registration

No Laborious Point Matching

Eliminate the need for sponge fiducials or laborious point matching in a completely sterile workflow.

Optimized, Sterile Workflow

Register to Skin or Skull without the need to disrupt surgical workflow.

Anatomical Accuracy

Utilizes the patient’s own anatomy for extremely accurate registrations.

Seamless Transitions

Offers a completely seamless transition between facial and posterior fossa registration.
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