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Traditional image guided navigation systems can take up to 30 minutes for one registration, and often require multiple registrations, resulting in a cumbersome and radiation-intensive procedure. FLASH™ Navigation reduces registration time to less than 30 seconds and is radiation-free.
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The Next Generation of Image Guided Navigation is Here

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7D Surgical System
high-definition screen
Large HD, adjustable surgeon display for tremendous clarity and accuracy.
Overhead Light
Sterile Surgeon-Controlled Light Head with Machine-Vision technology that is perfectly embedded to eliminate line of sight frustrations.
surgeon foot pedal
Allows surgeon complete control from sterile field and reduces reliance on technical staff.
robust, mobile base
Sturdy base in an efficient and compact design that allows for easy mobility in the hospital and operating room.
extension arm
Long 6-foot extension arm allows for complete flexibility and optimized reach in sterile field.
Surgeon-Driven Workflow Menu
Simple and intuitive step-by-step workflow for surgeon-controlled ease of use.
non-sterile user station
7D User Station
Non-sterile user station with monitor, keyboard, and mouse for quick and easy system setup. 
Surgeons operating on a patient with 7D surgical system

workflow efficiency

near-instant 3d registration

FLASH™ Registration in less than 30 seconds, forming a “Navigation-on-Demand” experience.

fast re-registration

FLASH™ Fix re-registers in less than 10 seconds, creating a worry-free environment if the array is bumped.

optimized workflow

No altering or disrupting intraoperative surgical workflows.


Complete control throughout surgery with the foot pedal & sterile light handle.

no line-of-sight challenges

Machine-vision technology is embedded directly overhead in the surgical light.

reduced navigation time

Studies have shown that navigation time with 7D Surgical is reduced up to 95%.

high accuracy

flash™ fix

Enables quick re-registration in less than 10 seconds to confirm and maintain accuracy.

real-time navigation

Generates real-time correlation between surgical tool interaction and CT images.


3D image guidance with nearly 1,000,000 data points to provide additional information for informed decision making.

segmental accuracy

Provides segmental accuracy at every level regardless of patient positioning or intraoperative movement.
7D Surgical Monitor Information Accuracy
Surgeons using 7D surgical system


reduce equipment

Eliminates the need for and reliance on intraoperative radiology equipment.

reduce support staff

Eliminates the need for and reliance of associated personnel for radiology equipment throughout the procedure.

reduce operative time

Significantly reduces registration time from 30 minutes to less than 30 seconds, resulting in faster operative times.

portable platform

Single, mobile platform for ease of use in operating room and maneuvering around hospital.

small footprint

Machine-Vision cameras embedded in overhead light, optimizing footprint and requiring minimal space in operating room.


Platform designed for use in multiple surgical specialties.


no intraoperative ct

Eliminates the need for intraoperative radiation used for registration.

no fluoroscopy

Only utilizes visible light for registration, thus eliminating the need for intraoperative fluoroscopy.

reduces radiation exposure

Eliminates intraoperative radiation exposure to surgeon, staff, and patient typically required for navigation procedures.

improves safety

Requires no intraoperative radiation during navigation procedure, thus improving safety and potentially reducing harmful side effects of radiation exposure.
Surgeon holding 7D light handle
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7D VS The Competition

A Multi-Specialty Surgical System

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