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The Future is Here, And It's Bright

7D Surgical has developed the first and only FLASH Navigation System featuring machine-vision technology. The system solves ALL the clinical frustrations and challenges of traditional navigation systems, allowing surgeons to perform fast, efficient, cost-effective, and radiation-free spine surgery.
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fast. efficient. radiation-free
registration in under 30 seconds

FLASH™ Spine Registration, Simplified

01 /// Step One

single-handed reference frame

Quickly and easily attach reference frame with one hand in just seconds.
02 /// Step two
Vertibral Level Identification Spine Image

vertebral Level identification

Easily select 3 points to identify proper vertebral body to begin registration.
02 /// Step three
7D Surgical Light Head for Flash Registration

FLASH™ registration

Pressing the foot pedal initiates a flash of visible light, followed by automated registration to create an instantaneous 3D image for surgical navigation.
02 /// Step four
7D Surgical Spine Navigation Screenshot

Anatomical Verification & Navigation

Verify anatomical landmark for accuracy and begin navigation. FLASH Navigation goes from zero to navigate in under 30 seconds.
more than registration

7D Technology Does Even More

Flash™ Fix
Flash™ Trajectory


Fast, painless re-registration in just seconds. Flash Fix eliminates radiation intensive and time-consuming re-registration methods if accuracy is compromised (i.e. reference array moves) with traditional navigation systems. Flash Fix provides instant re-registration in less than 20 seconds.

FLASH™ Trajectory

Provides real-time implant sizing and virtual screw trajectories to enhance surgical workflow efficiencies.


Provides accurate views of sagittal and axial planes at every level, allowing the surgeon to optimize visualization with severely rotated vertebral bodies.
view prior to re-slicer
view after re-slicer
system components

Spine Registration Instruments

Reference Clamp

Reference Clamp

Quick, one-handed application of this bone clamp


Sharp, narrow tip with integrated measurements allows surgeon to make a pilot hole through the cortical bone; designed to preserve line of sight down shaft of tool.
Pedicle Probe

Pedicle Probes

Used after the awl to continue the pilot hole through the softer cancellous bone; includes integrated measurements and is designed to preserve line of sight down shaft of tool. Depth and width (in mm) are displayed to allow accurate real-time sizing of implants.
Spine Instruments

Spine Instrumentation

Comprehensive spine instrument portfolio including the ability to integrate third party tools.
the promise, delivered.

Spine Navigation Redefined

Workflow Efficiency
Accurate Procedures

Workflow Efficiency

near-instant 3d registration

FLASH™ Registration in less than 30 seconds, forming a “Navigation-on-Demand” experience.

fast re-registration

FLASH™ Fix re-registers in less than 10 seconds, creating a worry-free environment if the array is bumped.

optimized workflow

No altering or disrupting intraoperative surgical workflows.


Complete control throughout surgery with the foot pedal & sterile light handle.

no line-of-sight challenges

Machine-vision technology is embedded directly overhead in the surgical light.

reduced navigation time

Studies have shown that navigation time with 7D Surgical is reduced up to 95%.

accurate procedures


Enables quick re-registration in less than 10 seconds to confirm and maintain accuracy.

Real Time Navigation

Generates real-time correlation between surgical tool interaction and CT images.


3D image guidance with nearly 1,000,000 data points to provide additional information for informed decision making.

segmental accuracy

Provides segmental accuracy at every level regardless of patient positioning or intraoperative movement


reduce equipment

Eliminates the need for and reliance on intraoperative radiology equipment.

Reduce Support Staff

Eliminates the need for and reliance of associated personnel for radiology equipment throughout the procedure.

Reduce Operative Time

Significantly reduces registration time from 30 minutes to less than 30 seconds, resulting in faster operative times.

Portable Platform

Single, mobile platform for ease of use in operating room and maneuvering around hospital.

Small Footprint

Machine-Vision cameras embedded in overhead light, optimizing footprint and requiring minimal space in operating room.

Cross Specialty

Platform designed for use in multiple surgical specialties.


No intraoperative CT

Eliminates the need for intraoperative radiation used for registration.

No Fluoroscopy

Only utilizes visible light for registration, thus eliminating the need for intraoperative fluoroscopy.

Reduces Radiation Exposure

Eliminates intraoperative radiation exposure to surgeon, staff, and patient typically required for navigation procedures.

Improves Safety

Requires no intraoperative radiation during navigation procedure, thus improving safety and potentially reducing harmful side effects of radiation exposure.
better outcomes across the board

Empowering Surgeons, Transforming Healthcare

7D Surgical is committed to advancing the standard-of-care for patients and surgeons. Eliminating unnecessary radiation exposure is just one of the many important steps to increase safety and awareness in Image Guided Navigation.
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