Cranial Navigation

Dedicated to Transforming Cranial Navigation Through Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS)

7D Surgical has dedicated the full strength of its resources, talents, and energy toward a single goal: providing the first and only MvIGS system that allows surgeons to perform fast, cost-effective, radiation-free IGS.

As cranial procedures amount to more than 590,0001 in the U.S. per year, 7D Surgical is currently undergoing clinical evaluations with the same base platform used for spinal navigation (the 7D Surgical System) to develop a cranial specific module, including software and tools, for use in cranial navigation.

1. National Neurosurgical Procedural Statistics 2006 survey.

Our 7D Surgical System is the First Ever MvIGS Platform, Helping Surgeons to:

Deliver high quality, accurate procedures

Use only visible light to eliminate radiation exposure for surgeons, staff, and patients

Increase surgeon control

Improve IGS workflow efficiencies