Flash™ Technology

Flash™ Fix. Painless Re-registration.

The power of radiation-free, real time machine-vision imaging.

Reference clamp is bumped

Reference Clamp Is Bumped

  • Without MvIGS technology, a complete radiation based workflow must be used to re-register and recover accuracy
Re-attach reference clamp

Re-attach Reference Clamp

  • Surgeon re-attaches the reference clamp
  • Attaches with one hand in just seconds
Flash™ Fix

Flash™ Fix

  • One foot pedal press activates Flash™ Fix to update the registration
  • Machine-vision cameras digitize the surgical field in < 250 ms (no radiation)
  • Advanced algorithms instantaneously realign the registration
Navigation continues

Navigation Continues

  • With MvIGS technology, recover from a bumped reference point in seconds
  • Re-register at anytime, and for any reason during the procedure
  • Minimal interruption to workflow, without radiation

Spine Registration Instruments

Reference Clamp

Reference Clamp

Quick, one-handed application of this bone clamp

Awl - sharp tip

Awl – Sharp Tip

Sharp, narrow tip with integrated measurements allows surgeon to make a pilot hole through the cortical bone; designed to preserve line of sight down shaft of tool

Pedicle Probe

Pedicle Probe

Used after the awl to continue the pilot hole through the softer cancellous bone; includes integrated measurements and is designed to preserve line of sight down shaft of tool

Flash™ Fix is currently in development and not available in the United States, Canada, EU, etc. Please contact 7D Surgical for information on regulatory clearance status of our products in your jurisdiction.